Fair Environment! Implementing the University of Jena’s mission statement : An event of the Offices for Equal Opportunities and Diversity

All members of the university community need to be free to study, work and pursue their research here without fear of unfair treatment. That also means that there needs to be a clear procedure setting out how people can get unfair treatment stopped, if it does unfortunately happen.

So in addition to including the principle of equal and fair treatment in its recent mission statement, the university is also in the process of drafting concrete procedures. For technical reasons there are actually going to be two documents:

  • Prof. Cantner (Vice President for Young Researchers and Diversity Management) and his office have produced a draft anti-discrimination guideline.
  • The Staff Council is working on a parallel document which stresses the resolution of workplace conflicts and also reflects the strong protections German law provides for those who have an employment contract with the university. 

In the panel discussion, we informed the university community about these developments and discussed them with stakeholders and university representatives.

Following the German-language panel discussion „Fair-handeln!“ on April 29th, this discussion was held in English-language and furthermore put a greater focus on concerns of international students.



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