High accuracy temperature measurement and monitoring of flow parameters using a multifunctional temperature probe

Lippmann, Lutz; Irrgang, Klaus GND; Hohmann, Michael GND; Pufke, Michael GND

An accurate and reliable temperature measurement is indispensable for the adjustment and efficient regulation of many technical processes. In some cases e.g. for optimizing efforts additional information about other process parameters like stream properties are essential. For this purpose normally the installation of additional sensors is necessary. This publication describes the concept of a functionally integrated measuring instrument realised as a multifunctional temperature probe. This tool is capable to do temperature measurement in a highly accurate manner and a simultaneous determination of further process parameters. The high precise temperature measurement is accomplished by diverse temperature sensors inside one measuring instrument and an electronic circuit whereby the physically caused measurement deviation is corrected calculatedly. The geometric parameters of the sensor elements in combination with their respective signals allow the determination of certain stream properties. Further on a self-monitoring of the temperature probe is possible by using various combinations of thermocouples and resistance thermometers within this one instrument. Using this features the process reliability and efficiency can be increased while costs and efforts can be reduced. To verify the functionality of the engineered measuring tools it is necessary to create a testing environment to elaborately examine the engineered prototypes. The precise test parameters were defined by tmg by taking the point of view of diverse customers into account and also respecting aspects of feasibility. The result is a setting of a turbulent pipe flow with a velocity between 1m/s and 30 m/s and a temperature range between room temperature and 200°C. Based on this specifications concerning parameters and prototypes simulations about pipe flow and temperature profiles were carried out at the TU Ilmenau. Prototypes of the multifunctional temperature probe built by tmg are tested in the specifically developed test equipment. The result of this project is a temperature probe which contains up to four temperature sensors and a mathematical model which is included in an electronic circuit. In addition to a high precise temperature measurement an independent self-control and the monitoring of divers process parameters is realised by one single measuring instrument. Thereby the presented project is able to make a significant contribution to the “industry 4.0”. The paper will show the design of the multifunctional temperature probe and the developed test bench as well as first measurement results.


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Lippmann, Lutz / Irrgang, Klaus / Hohmann, Michael / et al: High accuracy temperature measurement and monitoring of flow parameters using a multifunctional temperature probe. Ilmenau 2017.

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