Side-emitting fibers : targeted light scattering in optical fibers

Light scattering in optical fibers can transform the fiber into a linear light source with customizable emission properties: a side-emitting fiber. Side-emitting fibers are light sources with special angular and longitudinal emission characteristics, not generally encountered in other light sources: they emit radiation in all directions like a diffuse light source, but the emission is preferentially directed forward. Also, the fiber’s surface emission may decrease exponentially or vary along the fiber. The contribution of this dissertation to the literature on side-emitting fibers is twofold; first, it will show how these fiber emission parameters will influence the generated light field in the proximity and the far field. Second, it will show how to customize the emission properties by using femtosecond laser-generated scattering centers: Arranging these building blocks can generate customized longitudinal emission profiles. Furthermore, it will derive an electromagnetic model of the scattering behavior of these modifications to show how their stochastic properties, shape, and volume affect the angular emission profile and their scattering power.


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