Orts- und zeitaufgelöste Analyse der Volumenbearbeitung von Glas mit raum-zeitlich geformten ultrakurzen Laserpulsen

Ultrashort pulse lasers enable the precise laser material processing of glass and further transparent materials. Especially their possibility to modify the material inside the volume can be used to inscribe a modification path along which a subsequent separation can occur. To use this technology efficiently, a successful and homogeneous modification by the USP laser is required. The presented work examines the fundamental interaction processes from single and multiple ultrashort laser pulses together with their interaction dynamics. A newly developed pump-probe-system serves as the primary analytical tool and enables the in situ detection of interaction processes ranging from initial interaction in the range of picoseconds up to thermal effects after several microseconds. Spatio-temporal beam shaping is applied to create Bessel-like beam profiles and more advanced concepts thereof, i.e., aberration-corrected and asymmetrical beam profiles. The profound knowledge of transient birefringence-effects and crack formation is further used to create tailored glass separation processes.



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