Flow rate measurement in aggressive conductive fluids

Dubovikova, Nataliia GND; Kolesnikov, Yuri; Karcher, Christian GND

Two non-contact experimental methods of flow rate measurements for aggressive conductive liquids are described. The techniques are based on electromagnetic forces and Faraday’s law: Lorentz force is induced inside moving conductive liquid under influence of variable magnetic field of permanent magnets. They are mounted along a liquid metal channel or (in case of the second method) inserted into rotated metal wheels. The force acts in the opposite of fluids’ velocity direction and hence it is possible to measure reaction force of it that takes place according to Newton’s law on magnetic field source – permanent magnets. And by knowing the force, which linearly depends on velocity, one can calculate mean flow rate of liquid. In addition experimental “dry” calibration and its results are described for one of the measurements’ techniques.


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