CPlan: An Open Source Library for Computational Analysis and Synthesis

König, Reinhard GND

Some caad packages offer additional support for the optimization of spatial configurations, but the possibilities for applying optimization are usually limited either by the complexity of the data model or by the constraints of the underlying caad system. Since we missed a system that allows to experiment with optimization techniques for the synthesis of spatial configurations, we developed a collection of methods over the past years. This collection is now combined in the presented open source library for computational planning synthesis, called CPlan. The aim of the library is to provide an easy to use programming framework with a flat learning curve for people with basic programming knowledge. It offers an extensible structure that allows to add new customized parts for various purposes. In this paper the existing functionality of the CPlan library is described.


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König, Reinhard: CPlan: An Open Source Library for Computational Analysis and Synthesis. 2016.

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