CollaborationBus: An Editor for the Easy Configuration of Complex Ubiquitous Environment

Early sensor-based infrastructures were often developed by experts with a thorough knowledge of base technology for sensing information, for processing the captured data, and for adapting the system’s behaviour accordingly. In this paper we argue that also end-users should be able to configure Ubiquitous Computing environments. We introduce the CollaborationBus application: a graphical editor that provides abstractions from base technology and thereby allows multifarious users to configure Ubiquitous Computing environments. By composing pipelines users can easily specify the information flows from selected sensors via optional filters for processing the sensor data to actuators changing the system behaviour according to the users’ wishes. Users can compose pipelines for both home and work environments. An integrated sharing mechanism allows them to share their own compositions, and to reuse and build upon others’ compositions. Real-time visualisations help them understand how the information flows through their pipelines. In this paper we present the concept, implementation, and early user feedback of the CollaborationBus application.


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