Zero dynamics and stabilization for analytic linear systems

Berger, Thomas GND; Ilchmann, Achim GND; Wirth, Fabian R.

The feedback stabilization problem is studied for time-varying real analytic systems. We investigate structural properties of the zero dynamics in terms of a system operator over a skew polynomial ring. The concept of (A,B)-invariant time-varying subspaces included in the kernel of C is used to obtain a condition for stabilizability. This condition is equivalent to autonomy of the zero dynamics in case of time-invariant systems. We derive a zero dynamics form for systems which satisfy an assumption close to autonomous zero dynamics; this in some sense resembles the Byrnes-Isidori form for systems with strict relative degree. Some aspects of the latter are also proved. Finally, we show for square systems with autonomous zero dynamics that there exists a linear state feedback such that the Lyapunov exponent of the closed-loop system equals the Lyapunov exponent of the zero dynamics; some boundedness conditions are required, too. If the zero dynamics are exponentially stable this implies that the system can be exponentially stabilized. These results are to some extent also new for time-invariant systems.


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Berger, Thomas / Ilchmann, Achim / Wirth, Fabian R.: Zero dynamics and stabilization for analytic linear systems. 2013.

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