Development of a method for improving the workload of flow lines with non-linear flow of material

To avoid workload losses by bottlenecks in flow lines the capacity of assembly and manufacturing work stations has to be balanced. In principle, the distribution of the work amount at the processing stations in a production line must be made as equal as possible with the principle of SALBP. In the case of non-linear production systems, one finds very little guidance in the technical literature for the balancing of the station Workload. In this paper, a new strategy for improved distribution of the work amount on the stations in non-linear production systems is developed. In analogy to hydraulic systems, in which a relationship between the values of the cross-sectional areas of tubes and the flow rate exists, the processing times of stations in the flow lines before and after the network elements (splitting and merging elements) can be define in a similar way. Furthermore, the relationship between these processing times is analyzed and translated into formulas, and an algorithm is developed for the implementation of optimization.



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