3D model reconstruction from vector perpendicular projections

This scientific monograph deals with the issue of 3D model reconstruction of a rotation part from its orthogonal projections recorded on a digitalized drawing in vector format and with computer-aided automation of the process. The topic is a partial task of the domain focused on generating the 3D part model or product from a technical drawing. The introduction comments on the analysis of the current state of information in the field. The rules of projecting the parts in a technical drawing are described as well as the related terminology and methods in computer graphics, mathematics and geometry. The computer-aided ways of modeling solids are analyzed. The introductory part is complemented by an overview of existing solutions by other authors and by the possibilities of my own method development. The monograph core is focused on the proposal of proceedings and algorithms for transformation process automation of 2D vector record comprising orthogonal projections representing the rotation part on a 3D model. The pilot implementations of algorithms and their verification by testing on the selected sample of geometric shapes are added.


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