Funnel control with saturation : nonlinear SISO systems

Hopfe, Norman GND; Ilchmann, Achim GND; Ryan, Eugene P.

Tracking - by the system output - of a reference signal (assumed bounded with essentially bounded derivative) is considered in the context of a class of nonlinear, single-input, single-output systems modelled by functional differential equations and subject to input saturation. Prespecified is a parameterized performance funnel within with the tracking error is required to evolve; transient and asymptotic behaviour of the tracking error is influenced through choice of parameter values which define the funnel. The control structure is a saturating error feedback with time-varying non-monotone gain designed to evolve in such a way as to preclude contact with the funnel boundary. A feasibility condition - formulated in bounds of the plant data, the saturation bound the funnel data, the reference signal and the initial data - is presented under which the tracking objective is achieved, whilst maintaining boundedness of the state and gain function.


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Hopfe, Norman / Ilchmann, Achim / Ryan, Eugene P.: Funnel control with saturation. nonlinear SISO systems. 2009.

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