Friction identification and compensation on nanometer scale

Amthor, Arvid GND; Hausotte, Tino GND; Ament, Christoph GND; Li, Pu GND; Jäger, Gerd GND

This work concerns the modelling and experimental verification of the highly nonlinear friction behavior in positioning on the nanometer scale. The main goal of this work is to adjust and identify a simple dynamic friction model which allows a model-based estimation of the friction force in combination with the system inertia against displacement. Experiments in the pre-sliding and sliding friction regimes are conducted on an experimental setup. A hybrid two-stage parameter estimation algorithm is used to fit the model parameters based on the experimental data. Finally, the identified friction model is utilized as a model-based feedforward controller combined with a classical feedback controller to compensate the nonlinear friction force and reduce tracking errors.


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