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Non-asymptotic state estimation of linear reaction diffusion equation using...

In this paper, we propose a non-asymptotic state estimation method for the linear reaction diffusion equation with general boundary conditions. The method is based on the modulating function approach utilizing a modulation functional in time and space. This results in a signal model control problem for...
Frankfurt ; München [u.a.]: Elsevier, 2021-04-14
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Shared and distributed X-in-the-Loop tests for automotive systems : feasibilit ...

X-in-the-loop (XIL) technologies are receiving increased attention in modern automotive development processes. In particular, collaborative experiments, such as XIL tools, have efficient applications in the design of multi-actuated, electric, and automated vehicles. The presented paper introduces results...
New York, NY: IEEE, 2018-04-04
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Observer designs for a turbocharger system of a diesel engine

We consider observer designs for an exhaust-gas turbocharger based on a third order nonlinear model of the air path of a diesel engine. To propose an observer, the system is analyzed in view of different observability properties for nonlinear systems. We derive explicit constraints for the system state...
Ilmenau: ilmedia, 2017-01-16