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Effects of multi-point contacts during object contour scanning using a...

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Vibrissae are an important tactile sense organ of many mammals, in particular rodents like rats and mice. For instance, these animals use them in order to detect different object features, e.g., object-distances and -shapes. In engineering, vibrissae have long been established as a natural paragon for...
Basel: MDPI, 2020-04-07
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Object shape recognition and reconstruction using pivoted tactile sensors

Many mammals use some special tactile hairs, the so-called mystacial macrovibrissae, to acquire information about their environment. In doing so, rats and mice, e.g., are able to detect object distances, shapes, and surface textures. Inspired by the biological paradigm, we present a mechanical model...
London [u.a.]: Taylor & Francis, 2018-06-26
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Object contour sensing using artificial rotatable vibrissae

Recent research topics in bionics focus on the analysis and synthesis of mammal’s perception of their environment by means of their vibrissae. Using these complex tactile sense organs, rats and mice, for example, are capable of detecting the distance to an object, its contour and its surface texture....