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Challenges of temperature measurement during the friction stir welding...

The exact determination of the process zone temperature can be considered as an increasingly important role in the control and monitoring of the friction stir welding process (FSW). At present, temperature measurement is carried out with the aid of a temperature sensor integrated into the tool (usually...
Lviv: Polytechnic national University, 2020-04
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Temperature dependence of dynamic parameters of contact thermometers

aus: Sensors
Contact thermometers are used in a wide temperature range as well as under various media and environmental conditions. The temperature can range from −200 °C to about 1500 °C. In this case, the dynamic parameters (time percentage values tx and time constants τ) depend on temperature. Several effects...
Basel: MDPI, 2019-05-18
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Bilateral comparison for determining the dynamic characteristic values...

In applicable standards and sets of rules (VDI/VDE, 2014; DIN, 2010, 2017), recommendations are made concerning the types of experiments for determining the dynamic parameters in fluids (flowing water and flowing air) under well-defined conditions. In the data sheets of the thermometer manufacturers,...
Göttingen: Copernicus Publ., 2018-05-03
Master thesis

Bestimmung der Messunsicherheiten bei der Temperaturmessung mit Oberflächen-Tasttemperaturfühlern

Zusammenfassung: In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurden die Einflussfaktoren in gesamter Messkette der Oberflächentemperaturmessung mit Tasttemperaturfühlern untersucht. Für drei Fühler verschiedener Bauformen und Sensortypen (Pt100, NTC und Typ K) und zwei Prüfkörper (Stahl und Aluminium) wurden entspreche...