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Nanostrukturierte Ladungsträgergase für nicht-klassische Bauelementekonzepte

´╗┐After several decades of silicon-based transistor semiconductor technology in the industry research is more and more focussing on alternative materials and devices to excess nowadays boundaries. This work is dealing with both of these approaches. On one hand AlGaN/GaN will be presented as example...

Aluminiumnitrid Dünnschichtmembranen - Charakterisierung und technologische...

´╗┐ This document deals with different aspects of aluminum nitride (AlN) as thin film material. Starting with an overview on state of the art for application side. Furthermore the unique position of the self-supported AlN membrane elements, which are fundamental elements of this work, is postulated....
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Sensing applications of micro- and nanoelectromechanical resonators

The sensitivity of micro- and nanoscale resonator beams for sensing applications in ambient conditions was investigated. Micro-electromechanical (MEMS) and nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) were realized using silicon carbide (SiC) and polycrystalline aluminium nitride (AlN) as active layers on silicon...

Oberflächen- und Grenzflächeneigenschaften von polaren Galliumnitrid-Schichten

The material properties of group III - nitrides allows manifold applications. Especially for the GaN-based gas and biosensor technology, an understanding of the GaN surfaces and their interaction with molecules is crucial for the successful development of sensor systems. Especially the influence of crystal...
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AlGaN/GaN sensors for direct monitoring of fluids and bioreactions

AlGaN/GaN based pH-sensors have been characterized and further developed for the in situ monitoring of cell reactions. Generally, good proliferation of different cell lines was observed on AlGaN and GaN surfaces without using any kind of thin films of organic material for improving of the cellular adhesion...
Ilmenau: Universitätsverlag Ilmenau, 2011-06-06

Mikrostrukturierungstechniken zur Herstellung von MEMS aus Halbleitern...

Die Erweiterung des Anwendungsspektrums Mikroelektromechanischer Systeme (MEMS) um das Einsatzgebiet der chemischen, biologischen, gasartspezifischen und mikrofluidischen Sensoren stellt hohe Anforderungen an Stabilität (chemisch und mechanisch), Biokompatibilität, Miniaturisier- und Integrierbarkeit...

Multifunktionale Nanoanalytik für eine Nanopositionier- und Messmaschine

AbstractThe continuing progress in fabrication of nanoobjects necessitates a simultaneous the further development of analysis and measurement techniques, which support the quality control down to the nanoscale regime. Only the development of these analysis tools guarantees a reproducible processing,...