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Static behavior of weighing cells

Compliant mechanisms in precision weighing technology are highly sensitive mechanical systems with continuously rising demands for performance in terms of resolution and measurement uncertainty. The systematic combination of adjustment measures represents a promising option for the enhancement of weighing...
Ilmenau: ilmedia, 2018-11-20
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Konstruktive Gestaltung des optimierten Positionier- und Kraftmesssystems...

Der Beitrag beschreibt die aus den Anforderungen abgeleitete konstruktive Gestaltung des optimierten Positionier- und Kraftmesssystems der TU Ilmenau.
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Design of high-precision weighing cells based on static analysis

The present contribution deals with the design of a monolithic weighing cell for the realization of a further developed mass comparator for 1kg-standards. The monolithic structure with semicircular flexure hinges is approximated by a rigid body model. The resulting equations can be used as design equations...