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C60 fullerene prevents genotoxic effects of doxorubicin in human lymphocytes in vitro : Fuleren C60 zapobigaje genotoksyčnij diï doksorubicynu na limfocyty ljudyny in vitro

The self-ordering of C60 fullerene, doxorubicin and their mixture precipitated from aqueous solutions was investigated using atomic-force microscopy. The results suggest the complexation between the two compounds. The genotoxicity of doxorubicin in complex with C60 fullerene (С60+Dox) was evaluated in vitro with comet assay using human lymphocytes. The obtained results show that the C60 fullerene prevents the toxic effect of Dox in normal cells and, thus, С60+Dox complex might be proposed for biomedical application.


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