Modal identification of structures with a dynamic behaviour characterised by global and local modes at close frequencies

Identification of modal parameters of a space frame structure is a complex assignment due to a large number of degrees of freedom, close natural frequencies, and different vibrating mechanisms. Research has been carried out on the modal identification of rather simple truss structures. So far, less attention has been given to complex three-dimensional truss structures. This work develops a vibration-based methodology for determining modal information of three-dimensional space truss structures. The method uses a relatively complex space truss structure for its verification. Numerical modelling of the system gives modal information about the expected vibration behaviour. The identification process involves closely spaced modes that are characterised by local and global vibration mechanisms. To distinguish between local and global vibrations of the system, modal strain energies are used as an indicator. The experimental validation, which incorporated a modal analysis employing the stochastic subspace identification method, has confirmed that considering relatively high model orders is required to identify specific mode shapes. Especially in the case of the determination of local deformation modes of space truss members, higher model orders have to be taken into account than in the modal identification of most other types of structures.


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