TIRANA. Architecture as Political Actor

This book on the architecture of Tirana contains findings of the interdisciplinary seminar “TIRANA. Architecture as Political Actor” at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. In photographs, texts and diagrams it shows the approach to an unknown city that was explored following the ideas of the Actor Network Theory (ANT). Thus, the book gives an insight into scientific as well as artistic works, both mirroring the attempt to grasp the role of architecture within political processes in the 20th century and today. In this compilation of the architectural-political networks, an image of the city of Tirana emerges that gives an idea of specific built structures as well as of the architecture as political actor on a meta-level. In doing so, the book itself becomes an actor in the discussion of the relationship of architecture and politics in Albania and an example for the use of ANT as scientific-artistic tool for the research on architectural “things” in the context of a city.


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