Intelligent lighting system with the ability to control the color temperature and light flow of the illuminators

Modern lighting products allow the creation of intelligent control systems with the ability to adjust many parameters of lighting devices (for example, luminous flux, color temperature, light color, etc.). The presence on the market of relatively cheap lighting sensors (for illuminance, for color temperature, for light color, for movement, etc.) allows the monitoring of many parameters of the environment and, accordingly, more precise regulation of various parameters.
The report presents a concept for the realization of an intelligent lighting system, which, depending on the external conditions of the environment, can regulate the parameters of an internal lighting system. Regulation is carried out according to external illumination, external color temperature, presence in the room, set algorithm of work, etc. Modern LED light sources with a variable color temperature and the possibility of dimming are planned to be used in the implementation of the system. A structural diagram of such a system, the element base and the control algorithm is presented.


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