Simulative Bestimmung der Nachfrage nach wiederaufgearbeiteten Produkten unter Berücksichtigung von Kundenpräferenzen

The remanufacturing market as a whole is growing. However, it is unclear how it will develop for single products. We propose a simulation model to simultaneously estimate the demand for remanufactured products and the supply of used products for remanufacturing. The estimation is based on the material flow of a 2-component product with distributed component lifetimes, the characteristics of the remanufactured product, and potential customers preferences. The model, which combines discrete event and agent-based simulation, is applied to the use case of electric vehicles and their traction batteries. After battery failure, the car owners can decide whether to buy a new or a remanufactured battery or discard the vehicle and buy a new one. The models features are demonstrated by varying the characteristics of remanufactured batteries and showing the effects on customer choices.


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