High-efficiency photothermal water evaporation using broadband solar energy harvesting by ultrablack silicon structures

Development of broadband absorption materials for solar energy harvesting is an important strategy to address global energy issues. Herein, it is demonstrated that an ultrablack silicon structure with abundant surface texturing can absorb about 98.7% solar light within the wavelength range of 300 to 2500 nm, i.e., a very large range and amount. Under 1 sun irradiation, the ultrablack silicon sample's surface temperature can increase from 21.2 to 51.2 °C in 15 min. During the photothermal water evaporation process, the ultrablack silicon sample's surface temperature can still reach a highest temperature of 43.2 °C. The average photothermal conversion efficiency (PTCE) can be as high as 72.96%. The excellent photothermal performance to the excellent light-trapping ability of the pyramidal surface nanostructures during solar illumination, which leads to extremely efficient absorption of light, is attributed. In addition, the large water contact area also enables fast vapor transport. The stability of the photothermal converter is also examined, presenting excellent structure and performance stabilities over 10 cycles. This indicates that the ultrablack Si absorber can be a promising photothermal conversion material for seawater desalination, water purification, photothermal therapy, and more.


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