Lau effect using LED array for lithography

Illumination with LEDs is of increasing interest in imaging and lithography. In particular, compared to lasers, LEDs are temporally and spatially incoherent, so that speckle effects can be avoided by the application of LEDs. Besides, LED arrays are qualified due to their high optical output power. However, LED arrays have not been widely used for investigating optical effects, e.g., the Lau effect. In this paper, we propose the application of an LED array for realizing the Lau effect by taking into account the influence of the coherence properties of illumination on the Lau effect. Using spatially incoherent illumination with the LED array or a single LED, triangular distributed Lau fringes can be obtained. We apply the obtained Lau fringes in the optical lithography to produce analog structures. Compared to a single LED, the Lau fringes using the LED array have significantly higher intensities. Hence, the exposure time in the lithography process is largely reduced.


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