Episode 2 - The Future of Social Rights – Social Rights as Property? Thinking with and beyond Robert Castel

The first episode of our mini-series about the future of social rights will give an introduction about the question of social rights as property which is inspired by the notion of social property developed by the sociologist Robert Castel. The speakers are Silke van Dyk, Steffen Liebig and Markus Kip from the Collaborative Research Center.

For more information about the speakers, visit their pages on the website of the SFB.

Silke van Dyk: https://sfb294-eigentum.de/de/beteiligte/silke-van-dyk/ 
Steffen Liebig: https://sfb294-eigentum.de/de/beteiligte/steffen-liebig/
Markus Kip: https://sfb294-eigentum.de/de/beteiligte/markus-kip/


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