Advanced electric vehicle components for long-distance daily trips

This paper introduces a holistic engineering approach for the design of an electric sport utility vehicle focused on the reliable capability of long-distance daily trips. This approach is targeting integration of advanced powertrain and chassis components to achieve energy-efficient driving dynamics through manifold contribution of their improved functions. The powertrain layout of the electric vehicle under discussion is designed for an e-traction axle system including in-wheel motors and the dual inverter. The main elements of the chassis layout are the electro-magnetic suspension and the hybrid brake-by-wire system with electro-hydraulic actuators on the front axle and the electro-mechanical actuators on the rear axle. All the listed powertrain and chassis components are united under an integrated vehicle dynamics and energy management control strategy that is also outlined in the paper. The study is illustrated with the experimental results confirming the achieved high performance on the electric vehicle systems level.


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