Band alignment at GaxIn1-xP/AlyIn1-yP alloy interfaces from hybrid density functional theory calculations

The composition dependence of the natural band alignment at the GaxIn1-xP/AlyIn1-yP alloy interface is investigated via hybrid functional based density functional theory. The direct-indirect crossover for the GaxIn1-xP and AlyIn1-yP alloys is calculated to occur for x = 0.9 and y = 0.43. The calculated GaxIn1-xP/AlyIn1-yP interface band alignment shows a crossover from type-I to type-II with increasing Ga content x. The valence band offset is essentially positive irrespective of the alloy compositions, and amounts up to 0.56 eV. The conduction band offset varies between −0.85 and 1.16 eV.


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