Sensation thresholds in electrocutaneous stimulation : comparison of textile cuff and TENS electrodes

Acoustic or visual warning signals for workers in hazardous situations might fail under loud and/or lowvisibility work situations. A warning system should be developed that uses electrocutaneous stimulation through textile electrodes. Previous work investigated suitable stimulation parameters using TENS electrodes. The aim of this study was to compare TENS and textile cuff electrodes in terms of sensation thresholds, qualitative and spatial sensation. A study on 30 healthy volunteers (f=13, m=17) of mean age of 26.7 years was conducted applying bi-phasic rectangular current pulses to electrodes attached to the upper right arm. The study revealed that perception, attention and intolerance thresholds, qualitative and spatial perception are comparable indicating that future studies with the textile cuff electrodes can be generally based on the previous results with TENS electrodes.


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