Integrated braking control for electric vehicles with in-wheel propulsion and fully decoupled brake-by-wire system

This paper introduces a case study on the potential of new mechatronic chassis systems for battery electric vehicles, in this case a brake-by-wire (BBW) system and in-wheel propulsion on the rear axle combined with an integrated chassis control providing common safety features like anti-lock braking system (ABS), and enhanced functionalities, like torque blending. The presented controller was intended to also show the potential of continuous control strategies with regard to active safety, vehicle stability and driving comfort. Therefore, an integral sliding mode (ISM) and proportional integral (PI) control were used for wheel slip control (WSC) and benchmarked against each other and against classical used rule-based approach. The controller was realized in MatLab/Simulink and tested under real-time conditions in IPG CarMaker simulation environment for experimentally validated models of the target vehicle and its systems. The controller also contains robust observers for estimation of non-measurable vehicle states and parameters e.g., vehicle mass or road grade, which can have a significant influence on control performance and vehicle safety.


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