Trapped field potential of commercial Y-Ba-Cu-O bulk superconductors designed for applications

Bulk high-temperature superconductors (HTSs) that act as a trap field magnet establish a novel type of magnetic field source, which is significantly different from that of a permanent magnet or solenoid; therefore, they can be potentially used in magnetic-force-based applications. However, the primary issues related to the commercial use of the bulk HTS technology are established on the enhancement of trapped magnetic fields, as well as their reliability and reproducibility at temperatures achievable with off-the-shelf cryocoolers. This study presents experimental investigations on the strong trapped magnetic fields observed in commercial Y-Ba-Cu-O bulk HTSs produced as a double-sample stack, a cylindrical bulk, and a ring-shaped bulk. Consequently, a reliable and reproducible magnetic field of 9.5 T at 50 K was trapped in commercial Y-Ba-Cu-O assembled as a double-sample stack. In this case, shrink-fit encapsulation with either aluminum or stainless steel tube ensured equally effective reinforcement. Higher magnetization, although accompanied with partial flux jumps, yielded a trapped field of 16.85 T at 30 K, which is comparable to the reported record trapped fields. Finally, a maximum trapped field of 9.78 T - the strongest trapped field reported to date - was attained in the 6 mm hollow space of the ring-shaped bulk HTS.


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