Offshore wind energy policy trends in Denmark and Germany

Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Canan, Armagan

This data set includes the following files:

Denmark_Offshore_Wind Turbines_1991-2021: The data is collected from Danish Energy Agency's public website. No change has been made on the data.

Germany_Offshore_Wind_Turbines_2009-2020: The data is received from several public resources including The European Wind Energy Association and Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Source for the years 2013-2020 is collected from Statista by using Friedrich Schiller Univetsity Jena's campus license.

Electricity_prices_for_domestic_consumers_bi-annual_data_(until_2007) & Electricity_prices_for_household_consumers_bi-annual_data_(from_2007_onwards) : Both files are created by using the Eurostat public database website.


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