Liquid metal flat jet transformation under influence of transverse magnetic field

The article is devoted to an experimental study of a submerged flat jet flow in a transverse magnetic field. Two different approaches to the experimental study of jet flows are described. Detailed information about the experimental program and measuring methods presented here. The flow of a flat jet 6 mm high in a square channel with a side of 56 mm is considered. The channel is positioned so that the plane of the jet is perpendicular to the magnetic field induction. The results of measuring velocity profiles and waveforms by swivel-type probe with potential sensor are presented. Effects that can be interpreted in different ways are found: strongly unstationary flow regimes, mean flow reorganization, and development of near-wall jets. Additional experiments are prepared to obtain more detailed information about the restructuring and development of the jet. In particular, continuous measurements along the channel will be made in the presence of a slight main flow.


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