Suppression of complex hysteretic resonances in varying compliance vibration of a ball bearing

It is traditionally considered that, due to the Hertzian contact force-deformation relationship, the stiffness of rolling bearings has stiffening characteristics, and gradually researchers find that the supporting characteristics of the system may stiffen, soften, and even coexist from them. The resonant hysteresis affects the stability and safety of the system, and its jumping effect can make an impact on the system. However, the ball bearing contains many nonlinearities such as the Hertzian contact between the rolling elements and raceways, bearing clearance, and time-varying compliances (VC), leading great difficulties to clarify the dynamical mechanism of resonant hysteresis of the system. With the aid of the harmonic balance and alternating frequency/time domain (HB-AFT) method and Floquet theory, this paper will investigate the hysteretic characteristics of the Hertzian contact resonances of a ball bearing system under VC excitations. Moreover, the linearized dynamic bearing stiffness of the system will be presented for assessing the locations of VC resonances, and the nonlinear characteristics of bearing stiffness will also be discussed in depth. Our analysis indicates that the system possesses many types of VC resonances such as the primary, internal, superharmonic, and even combination resonances, and the evolutions of these resonances are presented. Finally, the suppression of resonances and hysteresis of the system will be proposed by adjusting the bearing clearance.


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