3d transition metal and Lanthanoid complexes of tritopic C3-symmetric ligands as molecular magnets to advance the basis for quantum technologies

In this thesis the synthetic build-up of discrete polynuclear coordination compounds utilising 3d transition metal ions and lanthanoid ions with tritopic ligands based on triaminoguanidine and aromatic aldehydes is reported. These molecular magnets are structurally and magnetically characterised amongst others by means of single crystal X-ray diffractometry, SQUID magnetometry and ESR spectroscopy. Founded on these investigations the individual compounds are evaluated as molecular spin qubit candidates and single molecule magnets, respectively. For the transition metal-based molecular spin qubits especially the implementation of geometric spin frustration for electric field manipulability of the spin ground state manifold is addressed. In case of the lanthanoid-based single molecule magnets special attention is drawn to the role of weak magnetic interactions within the polynuclear complexes and influences of minor structural variations on vibration correlated magnetic relaxation processes.


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