XRchitecture – Remote Control of Virtual DMX/Art-Net for a Real Light-Console

The XRchitecture event platform serves as a pilot project to explore hybrid event solu-tions. The aim is to create an experience for multiusers to attend an event not only on site, but also in virtual space (VR). This could result in event formats where part of the audience participates on site and another part virtually. The sub-project presented here, a virtual light editor, enables the simultaneous manipulation of light and media architecture installations via the same real interface, a light console into both worlds. In order to test a hybrid event format, a historical facade at the Carl- Bosch Gymnasium in Ludwigshafen was illuminated in cooperation with students from the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, while the transmission into VR was controlled and monitored via servers at Ham-burg University of Applied Science (HAW).


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