Investigation of the reaction kinetics of chromium(III) ions with carboxylic acids in aqueous solutions and the associated effects on chromium deposition

Electroplated chromium is an important industrial coating. Both in the decorative and functional field, research is being carried out to develop trivalent chromium electrolytes. In this work, the interaction between CrIII ions and carboxylic acids (malonic acid, malic acid, oxalic acid and glycolic acid) is investigated. The use of carboxylic acids to improve the current efficiency in trivalent chromium plating baths has been known for a long time. But the thermodynamics and kinetics of the associated complexing reactions are not well understood. It is shown that the complexes form at different rates depending on the acid and its concentration and have a varying influence on chromium deposition. For the development of a technical bath, care must be taken to ensure that the molar ratios between chromium and carboxylic acids can be controlled. This is possible with the HPLC method presented here.


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