PT-Symmetric Hamiltonians as couplings of dual pairs

In the seminal paper (Bender & Boettcher, 1998) a new view of quantum mechanics was proposed. This new view differs from the old one in that the restriction on the Hamiltonian to be Hermitian is relaxed: now the Hamiltonian is PT -symmetric. Here P is parity and T is time reversal. Since 1998, PT -symmetric Hamiltonians have been analyzed intensively by many authors. In Mostafazadeh (2002) PT -symmetry was embedded into the more general mathematical framework of pseudo-Hermiticity or, what is the same, self-adjoint operators in Kre˘ın spaces, see (Langer & Tretter, 2004; Azizov & Trunk, 2012; Hassi & Kuzhel, 2013; Leben & Trunk, 2019). For a general introduction to PT -symmetric quantum mechanics we refer to the overview paper of Mostafazadeh (2010) and to the books of Moiseyev (2011) and Bender (2019).


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