Influence of MWCNT coated nickel on the foaming behavior of MWCNT coated nickel reinforced AlMg4Si8 foam by powder metallurgy process

This research studies the effect of multi-wall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) coated nickel to foaming time on the foam expansion and the distribution of pore sizes MWCNT reinforced AlMg4Si8 foam composite by powder metallurgy process. To control interface reactivity and wettability between MWCNT and the metal matrix, nickel coating is carried out on the MWCNT surface. Significantly, different foaming behavior of the MWCNT coated nickel reinforced AlMg4Si8 was studied with a foaming time variation of 8 and 9 min. Digital images generated by the imaging system are used with the MATLAB R2017a algorithm to determine the porosity of the surface and the pore area of aluminum foam efficiently. The results can have important implications for processing MWCNT coated nickel reinforced aluminum alloy composites.


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