Toward source region tomography with inter-source interferometry : Shear wave velocity from 2018 West Bohemia swarm earthquakes

The concept of seismic interferometry embraces the construction of waves traveling between receivers or sources with cross‐correlation techniques. In the present study cross correlations of coda waves are used to measure traveltimes of shear waves between earthquake locations for five event clusters of the 2018 West Bohemia earthquake swarm. With the help of a high‐quality earthquake catalog, I was able to determine the shear wave velocity in the region of the five clusters separately. The shear wave velocities range between 3.5 and 4.2 km/s. The resolution of this novel method is given by the extent of the clusters and better than for a comparable classical tomography. It is suggested to use the method in a tomographic inversion and map the shear wave velocity in the source region with unprecedented resolution. Furthermore, the influence of focal mechanisms and the attenuation properties on the polarity and location of the maxima in the cross‐correlation functions is discussed. The intracluster ratio of P wave to S wave velocity is approximately fixed at 1.68.


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