Membership dynamics of 37 Transnational City Networks (TCNs)

Dataset captures the memberships of 37 Transnational City Networks (TCNs), such as the C40, Metropolis, EUROCITIES, 100 Resilient Cities, or the Arab Town Organization. In April 2020, these TCNs had a total or 24,530 memberships of cities, municipalities, and other sub-national governments (referred to as cities subsequently). These memberships are composed of 19,600 unique cities in 198 countries around the world.

The data was collected to serve as comparative evidence for evaluating the program of one of the featured TCNs. The data allows to contrast in which regions TCNs are differently represented and active. The set was enriched with variables, such as city population, to explain variations and membership dropouts, though no significant findings could be made.

The set includes an Excel workbook with dynamically coded tables and pivot charts. This workbook can be used for ready-made analytics, as well as to extend or manipulate the data.


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