Non-equilibrium dynamics in Holography

In this thesis, we investigate aspects of non-equilibrium dynamics of strongly coupled field theories within holography. We establish a hydrodynamic description for anomalous quantum field theories subject to a strong external field for the first time in the literature. Within holography, we explicitly demonstrate which transport coefficients are non-zero due to the chiral anomaly and thus important for the transport. We show that the standard treatment of the hydrodynamics for spontaneously broken translational invariance is more subtle and has to be revised since the description is missing a novel thermodynamic coefficient. Within holographic massive gravity, we lay out a road map for extensions of hydrodynamics to momentum dissipation. Furthermore, we study the imprint of spontaneously broken translations beyond linear response theory in terms of periodically driven strongly coupled quantum field theories. Another important non-equilibrium scenario specially important for the understanding of our universe is quantum gravity in de-Sitter. Recently, the bold claim of the so-called swampland conjectures has attracted great interest since it banishes all stable theories of quantum gravity on de-Sitter with matter into swampland. Within the well-defined framework of the DS/dS correspondence, we set out to derive consistency conditions on the matter content in de-Sitter. Surprisingly, our proposed bound is violated by any reasonable form of matter. In our discussion, we find a novel one-parameter family of entangling surfaces which interpolates between the two solutions known so far. The last chapter is dedicated to solvable irrelevant deformations in quantum field theory -- the TT deformation. Within holography, we derive the entanglement entropies for generic subintervals on a sphere. We also resolve the confusion in the literature about a seeming mismatch between the holographic field theory results for the entanglement entropy in general dimensions.


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