Metal nano networks by potential-controlled in situ assembling of gold/silver nanoparticles

Köhler, Michael GND; Kluitmann, Jonas; Knauer, Andrea

Non‐spherical Au/Ag nanoparticles can be generated by chemical reduction of silver ions in the presence of preformed gold nanoparticles. The process of particle formation can be controlled by concentrations of ligands and reducing agent. The formation of ellipsoidal, nanorod‐ and peanut‐shaped nanoparticles as well as of more complex fractal nanoassemblies can be explained by changes in particle surface state, electrochemical potential formation and particle‐internal self‐polarization effects. It is possible to create highly fractal nanoassemblies with sizes between the mid‐nanometer and the lower micrometer range. The assemblies are marked by high optical absorption and complex nano‐networks of very high surface‐to‐volume ratios and a granular base structure.


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