3D model based shading correction for the enhancement of multispectral colour measurement accuracy

Zhang, Chen; Breitbarth, Andreas GND; Rosenberger, Maik GND; Notni, Gunther GND

Shading effects induced by illumination and local object surface orientation could strongly deteriorate the accuracy of colour imaging. Therefore, a shading correction is needed for high colour fidelity. In this work a 3D model based inverse rendering approach is proposed for a narrowband multispectral 3D colour imaging system with a calibrated extern broadband light source. The colourimetric evaluation with an X-Rite colour checker shows that the proposed method could ensure a mean colour difference value CIEDE2000 ΔE < 3 for the viewing angle range -30° to 30°, while the maximal improvement factor concerning mean ΔE comes to 2.86.


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