Education & training in multi- and hyperspectral measurement engineering and quality assurance

Illmann, Raik; Dittrich, Paul-Gerald; Hänsel, Michael; Rosenberger, Maik GND; Notni, Gunther GND

Multi- and hyperspectral imaging is one of the most promising measurement techniques in respect of quality assurance or production metrology. Therefore, it is obvious to develop some training and education concepts for practice. This publication presents some approaches for training methods regarding hyperspectral imaging in a spectral range from 220 nm up to 1700 nm. Technological restrictions require different measurement, imaging and radiation equipment as well. Based on current researches in the group of quality assurance and industrial image processing, this training concept was assembled respecting latest equipment, software and knowledge. A future goal is to involve students in the processes of development and point out technological deficiencies of this system.


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