System identification analysis for an air compressor system and enhancement proposal by sensors based in nanostructures

Calderón, Jesús A. GND; Valdiva, Cesar J.; Mas, Roland; Chirinos, Luis; Barrantes, Enrique; Lozano, John H.; Lengua, Juan C.

An Air Compressor System is an equipment (mechanical system) which can transmit energy due to increase air pressure level of air flow that through it. This energy can be used in many applications, such as in drills for mining, adding air to tires on vehicles, spraying crops, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to know the mathematical model of an Air Compressor System to study all the thermodynamical variables: “Temperature, Pressure, Air Flow” which let to get a formalized explanation of the energy transfer through this equipment. Furthermore it is described that Air Compressor System can be enhanced while it uses sensors/actuators based in nanostructures.


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