Active noise control proposal design enhanced because of using sensors/actuators based on nanostructures

Calderón, Jesús A. GND; Tafur, Julio C.; Barriga, Eliseo B.; Mas, Roland; Chirinos, Luis; Barrantes, Enrique; Alencastre, Jorge; Melgarejo, Oscar; Lozano, John H.; Heinrich, Bjorn; Aguilar, Enrique; Lengua, Juan C.

Big machines and motors, that under operating work produces high decibels of noise in wide range of work, these values are near 90 dB that is not healthy for humans. Normally, it is used passive mechanisms to attenuate noise such as big headphones. However that solution is not enough when noise has changes in frequency domain. Therefore, it is proposed in this work a solution by noise cancellation with Active Mechanisms; nevertheless, we designed a hybrid algorithm improved through predictive/adaptive concurrent algorithms strategies, with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). By other side, based on nanostructures, it has been analyzed the effect in robustness and wide range of work by frequency domain in order to enhance noise cancellation.


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