Magnetic bearing proposal design for a general unbalanced rotor system enhanced because of using sensors/actuators based in nanostructures

Rotor systems need bearings in order to keep uniformity of rotational movement transmission. However, bearingsgenerate friction and energy losses due to heating transmisssion through the friction; for this reason, mechanicak bearings are replaced by magnetic bearings owing to avoid energy losing because of friction. We designed Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB) to transmit rotational movement from source of movement (motor) through the rotor to the movement receptor (such as a conveyor belt). Magnetic Bearings need accuracy during System Identification process and a sophisticated control algorithm to get an uniform rotation movement transmission. In this work also it was analyzed and proved by simulations that Active Magnetic Bearings composed with sensors /actuators based in nanostructures are faster and robust compared with AMB based in traditional sensors/actuators. It because, nanostructures receive and send signals better way tan traditional sensors/actuators, because of high oredered nanoarrays improve sensor/actuator properties.


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