Мetrologična nadijnistʹ termoelektryčnogo nanosensora kvantovogo etalonu temperatury

Stadnyk, Bohdan GND; Yatsyshyn, Svyatoslav GND; Mykyychuk, Mykola GND; Lutsyk, Ya.; Skoropad, P.; Fröhlich, Thomas GND

While studying the physical foundations of the temperature standard, we obtained a quantum unit of temperature as the value of the temperature jump when one electron-phonon scattering per unit time. We expressed it in terms of the ratio of fundamental physical constants h/kB; it is equal to 3.199 493 42 · 10-11 K with a relative standard uncertainty of 59.2 · 10-8. The investigated quantum standard is recommended for use as an "intrinsic standard", which does not require continuously repeated measurements (to check its accuracy) in relation to the current unit of temperature. The possibility of the introduction of standard quantum temperature requires paying significant attention to the I (current) - T (temperature) converting element as unique electronic device that is subject to significant stress during operation. Considering its nanosized dimensions, since this element is made on the basis of CNTFET by transforming it into a nanosized thermocouple (source and drain) with a superconducting CNT gate as the thermocouple junction, we foresee particularly stringent requirements for this element.


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