Termoelektryčne materialoznavstvo i nanotechnologiji : praktyka ta teorija

Stadnyk, Bohdan GND; Yatsyshyn, Svyatoslav GND; Lutsyk, Yaroslav; Bubela, Tetiana; Fröhlich, Thomas GND

Progress in the field of thermoelectricity requires the further development of material science deep into the substance through the use of the achievements of applied and theoretical advances in nanotechnologies, including nanothermodynamics. This enables to expand the range of current thermodynamic forces, taking into account the forces inherent in nanostructured substances, and to increase the efficiency of attracting the concept of eddy thermoelectric currents in order to increase the accuracy of temperature measurement by thermoelectric sensors. The researches of materials of thermoelectric sensors have not only included not only the study of the stability of thermoelectric sensors, but their study by their methods of non-destructive acoustic control. This makes it possible to assess and develop the role of specific mechanisms for the formation of eddy thermoelectric currents in the drift of thermoelectric power.


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