Rozroblennja programno-aparatnogo zabezpečennja dlja metodu reabilitaciji chvorich obliterujučym aterosklerozom cudyn kincivok

The theme of the project proposal relates to scientific research in the field of health care and medical technologies on the basis of the further development and implementation of hardware software, smart sensors, the technique of processing, normalizing and applying of information signals for the creation of means for adjusting the physiological state of the human body by the electro stimulation, agreed in real-time mode with cardiac rhythm. Interest in this topic is due to the manifestation of increasing the duration of the active period in the lives of a number of dangerous diseases, which, in the first place, include diseases of the cardiovascular system. Often, the cause of such diseases is age-related changes, as well as non-future behavior and human habits: smoking, lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating and excessive alcohol. Changing behavior, a person can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


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